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Only one (1) entry per person for each of the entry methods provided.

Entrants must be aged eighteen (18) or over.

Bulk or automated entries will be disqualified.

Where a winning profile does not immediately appear to be genuine we reserve the right to ask for copies of photo identification (in the name of the account that has won).

The winner must claim within seven (7) days of the winning announcement being made otherwise the prize will be forfeited.

It is the responsibility of entrants to check the Competition Database website and/or Facebook page for winner announcements and not to rely upon 'Tagging', 'Private Messaging' or similar.

Any decisions made are final and no discussion shall be entered into.

Where vouchers/gift cards are offered they will typically be e-mailed with no physical card sent (unless otherwise stated). Please be aware that vouchers/gift cards will have an expiry date and it is the responsibility of the winner to ensure they are used fully before this date. This will be no less than six (6) months from the ending date of the competition (unless otherwise stated).

"Competition Database" is a trading name of "Mul2ply Limited". For all matters they are assumed to be one and the same and may be used interchangeably. Mul2ply Limited is registered as a limited company in the UK.

Competition Database takes no responsibility for any loss or damage caused directly and indirectly as a result of entering this competition or using our website. Similarly, no liability will be made for any of the prizes given.

The competition is not endorsed by Facebook or Twitter.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

The standard terms and conditions for using our website also apply - these can be viewed here.

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