How To Add Competitions!

Only free-to-enter competitions

List clearly if competition is only for people local to a certain area!

The following are not allowed:

  • Voting competitions
  • Competitions with lengthy surveys
  • Competitions that require you to take out an "offer" of some kind (unless these can be easily refused at the point of entry)
  • Competitions that require you to add members to a Facebook group
  • "Compjacking" posts

Competitions that require a previous purchase or service - for example, get a code off a supermarket item or "only applicable to existing Sky TV subscribers" need to be marked as "Purchase Required". Purchase Required is where the product or service would have already been purchased for the sake of using said product/service - and not where you have to buy something (such as a ticket) to enter - such lotteries are not allowed!

Referral links within competition URLs get stripped - please don't add them intentionally!

If you have any problems at all just ask!

All competitions are verified before being added so there may be a delay before they appear!

And lastly - THANK YOU for adding competitions from the admins & members of Competition Database!

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