Contributor Giveaway

Contributors to the site - those that add competitions, suggest changes and report winners - are the lifeblood of Competition Database. So every Monday we will be giving away a £20 Amazon Voucher randomly to anyone who has contributed in any large or small way!

You will get more entries depending on how much you contribute - but the giveaway will remain random. So a person who has added 1 competition will still have a chance to win; a person who has added 10 competitions will just a have 10 times greater chance of winning!

Points are awarded as following:

Adding a competition to the site 10 points
Adding the winners of a closed competition 5 points
Submitted a competition change report 3 points
Adding a link to the links queue 2 points

A few things to note ...

All additions to the site are 'validated' (verified by an Admin) which can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days. (This is done by priority; a competition added that has just a few hours to go will be looked at more quickly than a competition that has a couple of weeks to go - but everything is looked at as quickly as possible!)

Sometimes, changes cannot be accepted or competitions cannot be added to the site for whatever reason.

Depending on the volume of competitions/changes in the queue, you may find you get awarded points for the next week rather than the week you added it

A competition run on multiple platforms is still considered a single competition as we list them as one competition

We will draw the winner each Monday from the list of people who have contributed to the site over the past week (Monday-Sunday)

This weekly giveaway is for fun and to thank the people who make a difference to the site! Please keep within the spirit of that!

Normal terms and conditions apply!

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Contributor Giveaway

Each week we give away a £20 Amazon Voucher to a random site contributor!

This week ends in 5 days!

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